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IronGear introduced their first pickups in 2007. The phenomenal success of those first units, was swiftly followed by an, equally well received expansion of the Foundation series. Since then, the now familiar names of the Steam Hammer, Hot Slag, Rolling Mill, Pig Iron etc. have become trusted workhorses for thousands of guitarists.
IronGear set out to debunk the myth that it's necessary to spend large sums of money in order to achieve sensational tone. We've made great strides towards achieving this goal (please see our customer feedback!), but we're not done yet! Summer 2009 saw the introduction of the Blues Engine, the first pickup in the Classics Series. These products are designed to be a no-compromise competitor to the most expensive pickups on the planet, and the series has now been expanded to include the Texas Loco, Dirty Torque and most recently, the Tesla Shark.
Ever wonder what makes a great pickup? It’s one of those questions that’s likely to get a hundred different responses. But, take the world’s most expensive pickup and place it alongside one of the world’s cheapest, and you won’t see a major difference in the way they’re made.

IronGear Pickups are designed with exceptional tone as the major priority. Made from quality materials, and built in professional facilities, by people who really know how to build pickups.

There are plenty of “big-name” pickups, some of which carry considerable reputations, and high price tags, that sound mediocre to our ears. But at IronGear Pickups, if it doesn’t sound good to us, then we don’t sell it. We believe that quality pickups, that sound brilliant, don’t have to cost a fortune. And, we’re so confident in the quality of our products, that we offer a lifetime guarantee with every pickup we sell.
If you demand quality pickups and you object to rip-off prices, then you'll find plenty of things to interest you on this site.
All R&D for IronGear Pickups is carried out in the United Kingdom. We don't believe that pickup making is a "black art". We believe that great pickups are the product of careful design, a thorough understanding of the materials used, high quality production facilities, professional quality control, and thoughtful, courteous customer support. Thousands of our customers agree. We hope you do too.
: Right!
So it’s down to the sound, right?
 : Not necessarily....
So that means they sound good, right?
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For the first time, our customers in the US can order direct from this site! Here you'll find all of our pickups priced in US Dollars and excluding european taxes. We hope this makes the process of ordering IronGear products easier and a lot more straight forward.
The Smoke Stack returns! In this incarnation, the Smoke Stack II really pushes the boundaries, with twin coils giving the choice of traditional Strat tones and, with the secondary coil, a hot-rod to be reckoned with!
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